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How SEOs are Missing Out on Natural Search Traffic

September 27, 2011

Conductor Releases Latest Research Findings on Lost Opportunities in Natural Search Due to Neglect of On-page Auditing

Conductor Research Unoptimized SEO Part 2

Conductor the most widely used SEO technology company, today released the second part of its research in its series regarding the productivity of natural search professionals. In “The Unoptimized SEO: How SEOs are Missing Out on Natural Search Traffic by Neglecting On-Page Auditing” Conductor found SEOs are missing out on significant opportunities to drive qualified natural search traffic by not auditing as frequently or as thoroughly as they should be.

Conductor’s research found SEO professionals overwhelmingly find value in on-page auditing as a tactic and believe they are auditing as frequently as they should – with the majority auditing less than twice a month. In reality, analysis of more than 11,000 pages from more than 200 domains, shows 4 out of 5 pages are actually changed once per week. Consequently, marketers are losing out on opportunities to be visible in the search engines and to drive natural search traffic.

The research also revealed that by utilizing an SEO platform for on-page auditing vs. doing so manually or with semi-automatic software, marketers gain continuous insight into their on-page landscape. Additionally, they improve on their ability to capture a greater share of natural search traffic and to grow branding and revenue.

Overall, Conductor’s analysis of SEO professionals’ on-page auditing behavior, attitudes toward technology and the impact of technology on on-page auditing shows:

  • Auditing Frequency Mismatch: The majority of SEOs believe they are auditing frequently enough to ensure optimal page visibility.  However, 4 out of 5 web pages change at least once a week while the majority of SEOs audit less than twice a month.
  • SEOs Overwhelmingly Find Value in Technology: SEOs state technology would enhance their on-page auditing efforts with 87% reporting they would be more effective at on-page auditing with automation technology.
  • Dedicated Resources Needed: Up to four full time resources are needed to manually audit 500 pages, while an SEO platform does so automatically with no additional resources required, regardless of the number of pages being audited.

“By not auditing as frequently as needed, SEOs are missing out huge opportunities to drive traffic,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “By utilizing an SEO platform, marketers can capture a greater share of natural search to drive a company’s revenue and branding.”

For more information, download the complete research of The Unoptimized SEO: How SEOs are Missing Out on Natural Search Traffic by Neglecting On-Page Auditing.