How to Counter Your Ignorant Boss’ Misconceptions About SEO

May 31, 2013
Search Engine Land
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Any in-house SEO professional (or consultant) who has been in the industry for even a short time has likely had to dispel misconceptions and inaccuracies about SEO to a senior manager, budget holder or client. These misconceptions can often be so embedded that they result in an underfunded, under-resourced and under “mind-shared” SEO program.

To address many of these misconceptions — and also have a little fun with the SEO-ignorant Boss — we put together a sample interaction between “Ann,” the Director of Online Marketing at medium-sized clothing retailer ACME Co., and her VP of Marketing, the ignorant, budget-holding, SEO-deficient boss. This fictional conversation takes place when they get together to review Ann’s marketing plan for the year.

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