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How Voice Search Will Impact Your SEO, PPC & Social Strategies

June 13, 2017

“OK, Google, what’s the best sunscreen for my toddler?”

Now imagine you had a website that sold sunscreen for toddlers, knew that someone was going to ask that question, and were prepared with an answer on your website to capture that customer. This scenario is on every search marketer’s mind as we enter the world of voice search.

According to a Google survey in 2014 conducted by Northstar Research, 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults are using voice search more than once a day. More recent studies have suggested that the use of voice recognition will double in the next five years.

However you look at it, it’s clear to see that the next wave of your customers will be verbally asking about your product or service offering, rather than typing into a search engine. This isn’t only a change for search marketers though, it’s also a change for search engines. While Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are enacting these changes in the market, they are also impacting the way people use their services.

Google, for example, has been at the forefront of search innovation for years. This is the next logical step in Google’s evolution.

Year after year Google has added and tweaked their technology to better understand what we are feeding into their engine. With voice search, they are like a little kid that has grown up and can finally understand what we say. We aren’t just entering queries and getting results back — we are having an actual conversation with something, which is equally cool and horrifying.

The question still left unanswered is: How do we plan, act, and report on what people are asking their devices?

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