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What Marketing Executives Say About Content Targeting

August 19, 2014

Content is a central part of the digital strategy for brands across the globe spanning verticals, company sizes, and business. Brands know they now have a content imperative, but what’s less clear is the types of content and the velocity with which they should be releasing it.

At Conductor (I am Conductor’s director of research), we are in the final stages of a research study that takes a broad look at how the changes in digital — consumers’ ability to interact with brands on their own terms, brands’ content imperative, etc. — are impacting the modern marketing organization, including what marketers need to know to adapt.

Amongst other questions, we asked 187 marketing executives from a cross-section of B2B, B2C, and agency companies how their content team approaches content.

Do they subscribe to the “quantity’ approach and produce a large volume of little to no researched content (researched in the sense of understanding audience pain points before creating content) or do they subscribe to the “quality” approach and create smaller amounts of more deeply researched content?

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