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Natural Search Trends of Fortune 500 Q4-2008

March 11, 2009

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Fortune 500™ Struggling with SEO
According to Conductor’s Latest Research Report

Study Reveals Leading Global Brand’s Natural Search Visibility Still Poor – But Indicators Improving

NEW YORK, March 11, 2009 – Conductor, a leading provider of search engine optimization technology and services, today released a study of the Q4 2008 search visibility, optimization effectiveness and trends of the corporate and consumer facing brands of the Fortune 500.

The ongoing research project from Conductor is the first to systematically track the Fortune 500 brands’ natural search effectiveness over time. The Q4 study analyzes 4.1 million paid keywords, examines the paid/natural visibility correlation and investigates the effect of more specific ‘long tail’ searches for these brands.

“SEO is still in its infancy for the Fortune 500. From quarter to quarter you can easily see when brands and sectors have become effective in managing natural search,” said Conductor CEO, Seth Besmertnik. “We’re excited to be tracking the progress of these companies as the nascent search industry evolves.”

Key Takeaways of the Study

  • The Fortune 500 as a group spent approximately $51 million / day on 88,792 keywords – yet only 20.82% of these keywords rank in the top 100 natural search results.
  • Large brand visibility is improving throughout natural search results, but even high performers struggle with inconsistent execution across brands.
  • Only 1.41% of the domains (not companies) surveyed showed a significant number of their terms in the top results. In all cases these companies had domains with significant visibility issues that offset their overall score.
  • 46.76% of Fortune 500 companies have very low or non-existent visibility for their most advertised keywords.
  • Fortune 500 natural search visibility dropped 5.8% when search queries increased to 5 or more words.

The companies examined were the top 500 public companies included in Fortune magazine’s 2008 Fortune 500 annual ranking of America’s largest corporations.

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