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We Need More Full Stack SEOs

February 26, 2013

A GeekWire article, “We Need More Startup Marketing Minds (a.k.a. Full-Stack Marketers)”, muses that the startup community needs more “full-stack marketers.” That is, more marketers who can live comfortably throughout the marketing stack rather than those who are specialized:

…And that’s exactly what’s missing with most marketing folks who want to join a startup. You have to know (nearly) it all. You don’t have to be good at everything, but you have to have enough exposure and experience at all levels of the marketing “stack” to be able to make good calls on how to spend your time, money and other startups resources in order to maximize the value you bring to the table.

I think there are some interesting parallels between the kind of well-rounded marketer an early stage startup needs and the skillset an SEO professional needs to make them most likely to succeed. Arguably, this is true to an even larger degree in the SEO industry than in the startup world.

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