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Overcoming the Catch 22 of Investing In Search Without Proof of Success

November 16, 2012

Some readers may be surprised to discover that despite the opportunity organic search offers — a recent Shareholic study showed organic search drives nearly half of all traffic, 5 times more than social networks combined — many executive budget holders are still reluctant to make an initial substantial investment in SEO.

Other, battle-scarred veterans will not be nearly as surprised.

Whatever your perspective, the reluctance by senior management to take the leap and make an initial substantial investment in SEO, while theoretically understandable, often leaves the SEO professional lobbying for budget in a chicken and egg, catch-22 situation. “Show me you can move the needle before I am willing to invest,” they are told; but, without the resources, technology, and budget, it can be difficult to demonstrate substantial ROI in a short period of time.

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