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Prime Visibility Chooses Leading SEO Platform, Conductor Searchlight

September 19, 2011

Award-winning search agency selects Conductor Searchlight™ to deliver more opportunities for new and existing clients to harvest natural search traffic

Prime Visibility

Conductor, the leading provider of SEO technology software Searchlight, announced today that Prime Visibility, an award-winning full-service digital marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing, will begin using Searchlight for its SEO service for all new and existing clients.

Through Searchlight’s scalable SEO technology, Prime Visibility has significantly reduced the manual efforts and processes associated with day-to-day agency SEO services. Access to advanced keyword tracking and reporting, automated page analysis and actionable recommendations are helping them focus increasingly on new opportunities to optimize clients’ natural search presence.

Advanced Searchlight features such as Preferred Landing Page Management, Analytics Integration and Social Signal Tracking provide Prime Visibility with a significant advantage in the competitive search marketing agency landscape to add value and deliver meaningful ROI to clients. Prime Visibility is able to focus its award-winning search marketing expertise on delivering strategies that harvest the increasing demand for its clients’ products and services.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Conductor team and their innovative SEO platform, Searchlight,” said Sandra Demitroff, President, Prime Visibility. “Conductor is leading the way in delivering the technology and customer services that digital marketing agencies need to succeed.”

“Prime Visibility is a talented and successful digital agency,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor. “Searchlight gives them the ability to scale SEO services, provide significant ROI to their existing customers and win new business.”