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Reimagining a SAAS Platform

October 26, 2016

Conductor launched as a search engine optimization (SEO) platform in 2010. In the 6 years since, we’ve grown to tackle so much more than enterprise SEO for marketers.

Our Searchlight platform encompasses SEO, content strategy, competitive intelligence, and paid search optimization. Our customers—brands like Citibank, FedEx, Birchbox, and JustFab—have asked for numerous enhancements, adding to the volume and complexity of functionality.

But let’s go back a few months. On a Friday afternoon, I flopped into my desk chair, weary from deliberating where to add a link to a new feature in Searchlight’s navigation. Nearby, I could hear a colleague speaking with a customer over the phone. The customer asked, “I know we covered this in training, but where is that report we talked about?”

That’s when it hit me: We needed to step back to consider Conductor’s experience holistically. What kind of first impression were we making? Could our customers intuitively find and understand all the new technology we created? Was the navigation supporting our users in the best possible way?

We needed to re-evaluate the platform’s information architecture (IA) and navigation.

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