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Searchlight Now Includes Enhanced Task Management and SEO Workflow Features

February 7, 2012

The complex task of enterprise SEO management is now made simple with a suite of dynamic task and workflow features not available in any other SEO solution. Users can create events, tasks and reminders across all their SEO data quickly and easily; assign tasks to others in real-time; set deadlines and track progress all from a single location. Users also benefit from the suite’s robust management features that allow them to alert team members when changes are made or new tasks are assigned, keeping everyone updated with activity and progress reports.

Conductor Searchlight SEO Workflow

The launch of comprehensive task and workflow management features in Searchlight continues a commitment to delivering solutions that solve the modern challenges of enterprise SEO and include innovative features such as universal search reporting, international SEO, analytics integrations and social signal tracking designed to help achieve success through natural search.

“We have listened in-depth to the needs of marketers and have been able to deliver intuitive, transparent and collaborative task management and workflow features never before seen,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “Listening to the needs of marketers is engrained in every Conductor employee and initiative. We strive daily to build solutions that make the lives of marketers easier, increase transparency and create successful search marketing programs.”

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