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SEO Journal, Dying Industry Raises More than $100 Million in 2012: SEO, Not Dying

January 31, 2013

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People love doom and gloom, and this is perhaps why so many blog posts and articles this year have pronounced the end of SEO at some point or another. It seems to be all the rage to point out how SEO is somehow no longer reliable or valid, or to whine about how Google is purposefully destabilizing the industry.
In fact, an article on this very site (Do You Believe in These 10 SEO Myths?) recognized the ‘SEO is Dead’ myth as being the #1 rumor around town—and my own reading has more than backed this up. As the author of that article points out though, industry analysts have said this many times before (usually around the same time a new algorithm change is rolled out) and will probably continue to say it for years to come, too.
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