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SEO Technology Leader Conductor Closes Record First Half of 2013 Marked by 126% Increase in Brands Under Management

July 25, 2013

Conductor, the first choice in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology, continues to reign as the market leader in SEO platforms, closing a record first half of the year marked by a 126 percent annualized increase of brands under management. To meet this accelerated growth, the company has increased its headcount by more than 22 percent, relocated to larger office space, and continues to invest heavily in Conductor Searchlight™, the world’s leading SEO and content marketing platform.

“We are very pleased with the momentum we’ve been able to generate in the first half of the year and to see the excitement our customers, prospects and the market has shown for our products and services,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “While other platforms are finding it hard to retain customers, Conductor has experienced a windfall of new customer engagements in the last six months. We’ve also seen our agency partnerships grow at a faster rate than ever before, resulting in twice as many agency partners than any other SEO platform.”

The past twelve months have been a transformative period for the digital marketing industry and Conductor has been at the forefront of these shifts in technology, thought leadership and investment. As consumers continue to revolt against traditional ‘interruption’ marketing channels in favor of online searches, the next frontier in marketing has emerged: one where marketers are data scientists, brands are publishers, consumers are pundits and all employees are SEO stakeholders.

While other platforms rely on tossing low-functioning point solutions at content, Conductor is focused on a holistic, enterprise-wide approach. Conductor Searchlight innovations have driven more revenue, in less time, for customers by focusing on the entire content creation lifecycle – providing the technologies to collaborate, measure and turn content and search into predictable business results.

2013 year-to-date achievements include:

Rapid Customer Growth and Expanding Partner Ecosystem

Companies continue to make the switch from other SEO solution providers to Conductor based on the company’s market-leading vision, unrivaled technology and world-class customer success teams. The first two quarters of 2013 saw more than 1,000 new brands representing a variety of industries join the Conductor client roster, including household names like Merck, Citigroup, Disney and Land’s End. Conductor’s agency partnerships have always been a strong channel for the company culminating in a 500 percent increase in 2012 and resulting in Conductor partnering with twice as many agencies than any other vendor. Today, Conductor Searchlight is the SEO platform of choice at the top four global agency holding companies.

Investment in Conductor Team to Meet International Demand

Conductor continues to scale operations internationally to meet the growing demand for its industry-leading products and services. During the first half of 2013 the company increased its headcount by 22 percent and is on pace to double staff size by year-end. Q1 also saw the strategic hire of Jim Caci as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Jim will work alongside CEO Seth Besmertnik and other members of the executive leadership team to execute on the company’s long-term vision of transforming SEO and providing the world’s biggest brands with the best technology platform available to optimize natural search, acquire customers and convert online searches into dollars.

Silicon Alley

Conductor is the only enterprise software company to maintain its entire software development team in New York City. The company recently moved to a new 20,000 square foot office space in NYC’s Silicon Alley increasing its space by 40 percent to accommodate rapid growth and headcount demands.

Product Innovations and World-Class Support Organization

Customers continue to benefit from Conductor’s aggressive product roadmap and feature release schedule. With an unrivaled commitment to making its customers and their organizations successful, Conductor has introduced significant new product features in 2013 as well as bolstering its strategic advisory services. The bulk of these product enhancements have focused on team enablement and include:

  • Role-Based Success Templates for creating best-practice Workspaces to increase SEO engagement throughout the organization.
  • Content Insights enable customers to take a content-first approach to their SEO and understand when they should repair, expand or create new content.
  • Significant Workspace Enhancements that dramatically improved the experience for key stakeholders getting the insight they need, in less time for your core Searchlight user team.

Industry Awards and Corporate Accolades

Conductor continues to be recognized for its product innovation and sought-after corporate culture. Conductor was named a 2013 SIIA CODiE Award Winner for Best SEO Solution and placed third on the 50 Best Companies to Work for in New York State for 2013. The company will once again play host to the largest gathering of SEO and digital marketing professionals at its C³ Conference, Sept. 17-19 in New York City.

ConductorConductor is the global leader in SEO technology. Thousands of brands and enterprise marketers use its cloud-based SEO platform, Conductor Searchlight™ to measure, improve and manage their natural search efforts to stay ahead of the competition, increase site traffic and boost revenues. The powerful, highly scalable platform processes massive amounts of data quickly to give users real-time information for better, more informed decision making and to identifying new ways to increase share-of-search that will propel their businesses forward. Offering the most robust performance reporting and measurement tools available in the industry, Conductor arms marketers with the intelligence needed to tie SEO success to business objectives and demonstrate the value of SEO across the organization. One of New York City’s fastest growing and most admired technology companies, Conductor is routinely recognized for excellence in business and corporate culture. To learn more, go to www.conductor.com or follow Conductor on Twitter @conductor.