How A Slight Change In Reporting Can Change Your SEO Practice Forever

February 8, 2013

The past 12-18 months have seen a great deal of attention around the concept of Big Data in the marketing world. The numerous ways in which Big Data promises to increase insight into online behavior, customer profiling and more has been written about extensively. At Conductor, we agree that Big Data will lead (or has led) to new levels of insight for those marketers who choose to leverage its capabilities.

But, any marketer digesting the ongoing Big Data commentary over the last 12 months or so could be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that when it comes to Big Data, the only requirement for a marketer’s extricating valuable insight from the mountain of data is… data, and lots of it. That is… all that is required to produce actionable insight that will positively impact a site’s traffic and revenue is gobs and gobs of data… or so the thinking goes.

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