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Social Media Content Creation Tips from Nathan Safran, Kirsten Wright, & William Leake

April 24, 2013

“Content is the bread to the social media jelly and search peanut butter.” -Nathan Safran

Successful social media practice starts with a solid content strategy. What does it take for a brand to become a successful publisher? Great content attracts visitors and naturally gains links, so great content is the goal. Social media users are inspired by discovering new content and sharing it with others. The #1 goal for internet marketers is creating content—so how do you make that happen? Be helpful. Educate, entertain. Become the best source of information in your industry. Being a brand publisher does NOT mean just cranking out content—focus on quality.

Nathan Safran dares you to ask yourself: How are you adding genuine value for your readers? Don’t make all content brand-centric, share content that might be a broad topic but you can become a trusted source. Work in brand mentions occasionally but don’t make that the sole purpose of a Twitter account or Facebook page.

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