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Turn to SEO to Help Beat a Bad Economy

December 2, 2008

Seth Besmertnik’s, Conductor CEO, article recently featured in iMedia.

Paid search helped the industry through dire times before, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket during the current crisis. SEO can be just as effective as SEM, sometimes at much less cost.

Interactive marketers and e-commerce companies alike are increasingly worried about the economy. If we dial back seven years ago, to the rather dismal fall of 2001, we might all feel a little better. As reported by ClickZ at that time,“Odyssey’s “Breadbox study” found 51 percent of consumers reported they were more likely to pursue bargains given the negative economic environment. Meanwhile, 65 percent of online shoppers said they felt shopping online saved them money and 55 percent of all U.S. consumers believed that people using online services for shopping were likely to be enjoying retail savings.

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