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With voice assistants, it may be all talk, but it ain’t all search

March 9, 2017

Or the rise of so-called “concierge search.”

As we move into an era dominated by voice search and digital assistants, consumers are seeking information and performing tasks in profoundly different ways, which will eventually change the game entirely for search marketers and search engines.

That was according to the closing keynote panel at C3 in New York last week.

This is a market shaped by Amazon Alexa and Echo, which came out in November 2014, and more recently by Google Home, which debuted in November 2016.

Reports say 5.1m Echos in particular had been sold as of November 2016and a survey from voice analytics firm VoiceLabs estimates 24.5m voice-first devices will ship in 2017 for a total of 33m in circulation.

(According to an Amazon rep, “There are tens of millions of devices with Alexa out there today.” A Google rep added, “We don’t comment or release sales figures but I would say we’re thrilled to see the excitement for Google Home.”)

But this shift in behavior hasn’t come without growing pains for consumers and platforms alike.

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