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Go from SEO to Business Leader

Discover revenue opportunities. Guide your content team. Deliver big SEO wins.


We Believe in Insights Over Data

Our platform surfaces intelligent SEO insights and intuitive workflows, so you can spend less time digging through data and more time making an impact.

ic_audience insights

Understand Your Audience

Access the industry’s largest database of search terms and customer intent data to understand which content will impact traffic and conversions.

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Investigate Competition

Canvas new territory or prepare a surgical SEO strike. See where competitors are ranking, and how to beat them.

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Track Visibility

Monitor all important search terms by location, device, search engine, result type, and more.

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ic_analyze performance

Analyze Content Performance

Quickly segment with smart categories. Be the first to see every flux in your site's performance and how SEO impacts revenue.

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ic_site health

Optimize Content

Get optimization recommendations and automatically track and attribute impact. Fix technical site errors from hreflang tags to duplicate content.

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ic_track trends

Report & Share

Share wins and opportunities with your team to demonstrate impact and get business buy-in.

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The Most Robust SEO Platform


Global Keywords— the largest keyword database


Global locations supported


R&D team – largest in the industry


Global technology and agency partners

With Conductor, you get:

Total visibility into how your SEO is doing, and what to do next

Get the best of both worlds – track all your keywords to monitor brand growth and get access to the world’s finest (and largest, and freshest) keyword index for on-demand research.


"The keyword rank tracking software and analysis is wonderful. You can look high level, create segments, and dig deep into each search term and get all the information you could want."

Erika Nieman

Online Marketing Manager

All your favorite tools in one platform

Integrate all your top SEO tools – like SEMrush, DeepCrawl, and DragonMetrics – into one stream of insights that saves time and makes it easy to take action. Learn more about our partners.


"It’s incredibly powerful to be able to diagnose issues and make more strategic decisions about site health, content strategy, and SEO all in one place."

Allison Wentzell

SEO Manager

Empower your entire team to be SEO-minded

Share simple, compelling reports that are easy to customize and designed to communicate your progress to different team roles and leadership.


"The most important step to building a collaborative content and SEO process is to give the entire team the ability to quickly glean insights into trending terms, see how content is presently performing and what the competition is doing – all through the Conductor platform."

Angie Benamati

Principal Search