Unmissable talks from the best minds in organic marketing are coming directly to you. Now through July 13th, Conductor is bringing the C3 auditorium to you virtually, with keynotes including vital insights on marketing in the age of AI, how to build epic content, and can’t-miss predictions for the future of the industry. Share the insights with your team, and supercharge your own content expertise — it’s all on your screen for free.

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Keynote presentations from:

Dharmesh Shah Virtual C3
Dharmesh Shah
Seth Besmertnik Virtual C3
Seth Besmertnik
Andy Goldberg Virtual C3
Andy Goldberg
David Kidder
David Kidder
The Startup Playbook
Robert Rose Virtual C3
Robert Rose
Jason Miller Virtual C3
Jason Miller

Keynote presentations from:

• Seth Besmertnik, Conductor
• Andy Goldberg, GE
• Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot
• Robert Rose, CMI
• Jason Miller, LinkedIn

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Customers, Value, and the Future of Marketing:
Seth Besmertnik, Conductor
The Future of Marketing:
Conductor's Latest Releases
Who Really Has Time for SEO?:
Matt Crowley, MoreVisibility
Marketing in the Age of A.I. and Machine Learning:
Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot
Marketing Through Transformation - The Story of the 124-Year Old Startup:
Andy Goldberg, GE & David Kidder, The Startup Playbook
Building Brand Affinity: Stop Selling, Start Helping:
Mike Grehan, Acronym
Leveraging New SERP Features to Win in SEO:
Melody Petulla, Merkle
Rebooting Strategic Content Marketing:
Robert Rose, CMI
Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check:
Jason Miller, LinkedIn

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