Website Evolution in the Age of AI

How to Optimize Your Growth Engine for Digital Success

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Why attend?

With the rise of an AI-powered search experience, the way people find your website (and content) will never be the same. Learn processes to optimize your core growth engine—your website—to fuel increased revenue and jumpstart your SEO and content processes at our 2024 Website Evolution in the Age of AI Summit.

Join us on Wednesday, May 15, for a fully virtual event to hear actionable strategies and inspiring takeaways from industry experts on how to prepare your teams, website, content, and SEO strategies for the rapidly transforming future in the age of AI.

This event is in the past, stay tuned for event recordings.

Prepare for future search disruptions
Innovations, especially in AI, aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. Stay ahead of the curve and prepare your SEO and content strategies for whatever changes the future brings.
Master the tools of website optimization
Dive deep into workflows you can immediately implement to broaden your organic visibility and drive high-quality traffic and leads to your site.
Adapt to Google’s SGE
With the rise of Google’s AI-powered search experience, the way sites drive traffic will never be the same. See how to optimize your site to find success in the era of SGE.
Maximize your content and SEO strategies with AI
Learn actionable methods to help you avoid the common pitfalls and pain points of savvy AI implementation.
Enhance your expertise with AI
Learn the ropes to responsibly leveraging AI so you can strike the right balance between human intuition and artificial intelligence.

Meet your speakers

Additional speakers to come!

Everette Taylor
Everette Taylor is the CEO of Kickstarter, the world's premier crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Under his leadership, Kickstarter was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies. Taylor has held leadership roles at various companies, including Artsy, Skurt, Qualaroo, and Microsoft. He co-founded GrowthHackers, the largest community for growth marketers, and PopSocial, a social media marketing company that earned him recognition from Forbes 30 Under 30. Taylor has received honors such as an honorary doctorate from Shaw University, Ad Age 40 under 40, and inclusion in the Time 100 Next list of emerging leaders.
Deanna Ballew
Deanna Ballew joined Widen in 2004 with a focus on research and development activities and served as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer from 2020 through the acquisition by Acquia in 2021. Her leadership transformed Widen’s software-development operations to embrace a product-led and user-centered approach to solving marketing problems. Deanna has built cross-functional teams of software engineers, designers, researchers, data specialists, and product managers in support of innovation necessary to capture market opportunities. In her role as SVP of AI & DXP Products at Acquia, she continues to guide core strategy while planning for future growth.
Tanya Mas
Korn Ferry
Tanya Mas is a seasoned marketing executive known for her expertise in driving transformational change and building resilient marketing technology (MarTech) ecosystems. As the VP of Marketing at Korn Ferry for the past 4 years, Tanya leverages her strategic and innovative approach to spearhead comprehensive marketing transformations, elevating brand awareness and accelerating revenue growth. Navigating ambiguity and embracing change are hallmarks of her management style, which she combines with a knack for fostering innovation and cultivating high-performing teams.
Wei Zheng
As Chief Product Officer, Wei is responsible for Conductor’s strategic product direction, including product management, engineering, and user experience design. Prior to joining Conductor, Wei has worked in the Enterprise data management space for over 20 years. Most recently, Wei was the VP of Product and Design at Trifacta, where she drove the creation of the Self-Service Data Preparation market category and spearheaded end-user SaaS products for data engineers and data analysts.
Patrick Reinhart
Patrick is the VP of Services and Thought Leadership at Conductor, Inc. He is a passionate digital marketing professional with over 17 years experience in the SEO space. For over a decade, he has had the opportunity to help clients grow their organic footprint and overall digital experience.
Joe Taylor
Joe is the VP of Talent Development & Culture Leader at Conductor. In his previous role as the VP of Customer Success at Conductor, Joe defined and executed the end-to-end customer lifecycle. The only thing he loves more than creating exemplary customer experiences is defining himself in short descriptions.
Jenny Li
Jenny is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Conductor. She blends her background in brand strategy with a strong customer instinct to drive the creation of products and experiences that improve, rather than clutter, people's lives.
Alexandra Dritsas
Alexandra has worked at Conductor for about 5 years, in Solutions Consulting.
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Conductor’s 2024 Website Evolution in the Age of AI Summit has concluded.

Designed for marketing leaders searching for sustained success in the era of AI disruption, we hope to see you there. Stay tuned for event recordings.