The Conductor Partnership Program

Grow your client base.


We have great technology, and you have great services. That’s why we put together a partner program; it’s a value-add for all of our clients, and an opportunity to engage with new customers and create revenue opportunities.

We work with companies at different levels of engagement:

Partners that Want to Resell Technology

Bring Conductor Searchlight to your clients and prospects. Use Conductor’s technology to create new billable services. With the Enabled Partner Program, you’ll get two new sources of revenue.

Partners that Want to Refer Clients

Our Mutual Referral Program generates revenue for partners who refer clients to Conductor, and Conductor delivers targeted leads in return.

Partners that Want to Create New Services

If you leverage Conductor Searchlight in an innovative way, we want to hear about it. Our Marketing Services Provider Program helps you craft and market a service that we’ll pitch to our prospect and client base.

“It was only natural to form a partnership with Conductor, given the mutual desire by both companies to help advertisers maximize results for SEO and Content Marketing within the digital landscape. We are excited to bring together the power of the Conductor Searchlight platform with our talented, experienced team.”

Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President

We’re always looking for incredible companies to partner with.
Contact us and learn more.