How and Why to Scale Your Keywords in Natural Search

how why to scale keywordsIn working with our clients to make the most from our SEO technology platform, Searchlight, we often encourage them to expand the set of keywords they optimize for. Yet we often hear a  variation of “My CMO wants to focus on ranking well for a core set of 50 keywords. Besides does adding keywords really have an impact on traffic?”

To answer this question, we took a data-centric approach and examined 18 million visits during the holiday season from five high-traffic retailers and found:

  • The number of keywords driving traffic from natural search grew by 20% year-over-year
  • As keywords increased, traffic increased with it, growing by 26% YOY
  • Natural traffic to sites moved in lockstep in relation to keyword scaling

Download Conductor’s white paper to find out what else we learned from our analysis and for valuable tactical advice on how to leverage technology to scale your keywords in natural search.