The Changing Face of the SERPs: 8 out of 10 High Volume Keywords Now Have Universal Search Results

Universal Results DistributionThe early days of the ‘10 blue links’ in the search results meant Search Marketers could focus on on-page optimization and link building and move up the search rankings for the keywords they care about.  Beginning in 2007 with the launch of universal search results, all of that changed.  Since then there has been a steady march towards digital assets in the search results, compelling Marketers to think about their search strategies in new and innovative ways.

But, just how much attention should marketers be giving universal search?  How pervasive have universal search results become in the search listings? In this white paper, Conductor will begin to address this dilemma for search marketers by answering these questions:

  • How frequently are universal search results appearing for high-volume queries?
  • What is the distribution of result types for queries with universal results?
  • What are the key takeaways for how Marketers should approach Search Marketing?