The voice of the customer is the key to organic marketing ROI.

Customer intent insights provided by Conductor Searchlight ensure your content efforts are never wasted. When you fuel your marketing with the voice of customer, you create compelling content that your customers are actively searching for every day. That’s how our customers are generating huge organic ROI.

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Measure Content Performance (Like Web Analytics Cannot)

Find out what content is driving results, and which content needs a revamp.

Use Conductor Searchlight to make sure your content is visible to all your key personas throughout their buyer’s journey. With Conductor Searchlight, you’ll have powerful technology to help you spot gaps in your content strategy, fix under-performing content, seize new keyword opportunities, and prove content’s ROI.

Conductor Searchlight Content Analytics

Guided Success

Actionable recommendations to turn existing content into traffic.

SEO & Content Marketing – it’s complicated and constantly changing. Searchlight’s proprietary recommendation engine gives you the roadmap to success.

Conductor Searchlight Recommendations

Start Engaging Conversations

Reach out and grab your customers with compelling content.

No one wakes up in the morning wondering what’s new on your website – you’ve got to engage customers with content they care about in the channels they love. Searchlight’s unique Content Mapping feature gives you insight into the competitive gaps and performance of your content by persona and buyer’s journey.

Conductor Searchlight Content Mapping

Own Your Space

Competitive insights for dominating your online vertical.

Knowing your competitive gaps is critical. If you fill them in, you win; ignore them and you’ll lose. Searchlight’s Competitive Market Share lets you know where your competitors are at all times, and which strategies they are deploying against you.

Conductor Searchlight Competitive Market Share

Engage Stakeholders Across Your Business

A platform for the whole team. Insights for each marketer.

Your CMO wants market share. Your SEO wants recommendations. Your content marketers want fresh ideas and customer insights. Give them what they want – and customize it all with Searchlight’s Workspaces.

Conductor Searchlight Workspaces

We’ve Got Your Back

Gain a trusted partner to ride shotgun with you the whole way.

When it comes down to it, we know great technology is about great people. With the Conductor Customer Success Advantage, you’ll have a team of digital marketing experts on your side. With comprehensive onboarding, dedicated support and strategy team members, and continuing education, the Conductor Customer Success Advantage is designed to help you meet your marketing goals and grow your career.

The Conductor Customer Advantage