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Content Score

The content score is an aggregated predictor for the competitiveness of online content.

Within the editor of Searchmetrics Content Experience (SCE) the Content Score uses data to determine the quality of the writing and optimization to what is considered to be relevant content.

The content score is calculated from four factors:

  • Word Count is the number of words suggested as a guide for writers to produce content with depth and breadth based on competitor content but it can be adjusted manually to suit the content type (i.e. blog post, product description, testimonial).
  • Sentence Structure determines how well the average person can read the content.
  • Repetitions indicates how much of the content is unnecessarily repeating information.
  • Keyword Coverage takes into account how many must-have keywords, additional keywords and recommended keywords for the topic that are included in the text.

How high should the Content Score be?

The target level of the content score can be manually set in the brief editor. A well-researched and structured text typically achieves a value of 40-60 percent without optimization of the content experience. By covering 2-3 subtopics that have been forgotten or neglected, this value can be optimized to 75 percent which is where the default target score is set. Based on our data, 75 percent content score is sufficient to write successful content.

A content score of less than 75 percent means the text is, in many cases, missing the competitive components necessary to outperform competing content. Generally, a content score of 50 percent or less means the content needs more work toward optimization.

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