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Whether you’re just learning SEO or you’re looking to empower your team with advanced organic marketing skills, Conductor Academy is here to help. Our free SEO courses are taught by amazing search marketing experts, teaching you the SEO basics — What are backlinks? What are keyword research best practices? — as well as next-level skills like merging organic and paid strategies.

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SEO Basics

New to SEO? This course introduces you to all the essentials. You’ll learn what SEO is, how it works, and the vital role it plays in succ...

  • Book Icon9 Lessons
  • Clock Icon1hr 30m

Paid & Organic Synergy

Marketers will learn what paid search marketing is, how it works, and how to develop a strategy that incorporates both paid and organic s...

  • Book Icon6 Lessons
  • Clock Icon1hr 30m
Coming Soon

Evangelizing SEO

SEO is a team sport. Pre-register for this course to learn how to evangelize SEO internally and get the buy in (and budget) you've been a...

    Coming Soon

    Search Marketing: Vertical Insights

    Pre-register for this course to get SEO insights tailored specifically for your industry.

      Coming Soon

      Humanized Marketing

      Is your marketing delivering value and making an impact? Pre-register for this course to learn all about the newest marketing methodology.

        Coming Soon

        Content Marketing 101

        Want to learn how to create a customer-first content strategy? Pre-register for this course and we'll notify you when it's available.

          Video icon Quick Marketing Tips

          Don’t have time for a full lesson today? Never fear: check out Conductor Academy’s Quick Marketing Tips. In a few quick minutes, one of our marketing experts explains a key tactic for your marketing toolbox. How’s that for a pick-me-up?

          SEO Site Migration Checklist

          You need to perform a site migration - don’t panic! Here at Conductor we have a clear pre and post launch checklist that will even impress your dev teams.

          Priming The Buyer’s Journey

          Are your customers gaining value at every stage of their journey with you? Learn how to provide the right content at the right time to drive engagement and conversions.

          Be Seen How? Synergize Paid and Organic Search

          Use these simple, practical criteria to figure out when to invest in paid vs. organic search for the best ROI.

          Jump to the Top of the SERP with Universal Result Types

          To achieve higher-ranking organic results, try a SERP analysis. Follow these steps to see how relevant your keywords are, where your customers are in the buyer’s journey, and how to create content that competes for those all-important universal result types.

          Track Down Overlooked Content Ideas

          Your best opportunities aren’t always on page 1. Hunt down promising gaps in your competitors’ content and tease out overlooked keywords with star potential.

          Great Content Grows Up With SEO

          Search is the foundation of effective content. Build organic search insights into your content from the strategy stage all the way through development.

          Make It POP: A Perfectly Optimized Page

          Follow this 9-rule checklist early and often to perfectly optimize your web pages.

          Show ‘Em What Success Looks Like

          How will you define SEO success for your organization? Here are some useful organic marketing KPIs, plus a short demo of Conductor Searchlight’s powerful ROI tracking.

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