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Maximize your website’s growth potential with 24/7 website monitoring so you can take action before traffic, revenue, and customer experience gets impacted.
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Take back control with always-on website monitoring that works harder, so your team can work smarter.

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating for customers with always-on technical and content website monitoring that surfaces opportunities, detects threats, and keeps track of every action and change.
24/7 Website Monitoring
Add a layer of proactive insurance across your entire website with always-on website monitoring that gives you the most up-to-date performance data at scale and proactively detects critical issues as they happen.
Real-Time Alerting
With customizable, real-time alerting, you don’t have to wait for a crawl to know if any changes or issues occur; you can fix problems and maintain compliance before your traffic and revenue get impacted.
Intelligent Prioritization
Automatic prioritization of issues by impact and unlimited customization across page segments, alerts, and issues delivers the relevant data you need for your specific growth goals, at scale.
Manage Compliance & Standards
Proactively manage content, product pages, brand standards, and legal compliance with real-time tracking—paired with performance metrics—of all relevant page elements across your website.
Enterprise Reporting & Changelog
Make decisions, track improvement milestones, check implementation status based on accurate, up-to-date data, and get a full changelog of every website update so you're never left in the dark. Automated enterprise reporting keeps stakeholders informed every step of the way.

The value that we’ve received in the first few months pays for the platform several times over… the real improvement is the traffic that was NOT lost due to ContentKing, easily worth $1M. Not to mention the ability to set up entirely new internal processes, workflows, reporting, and improved communication between teams that ContentKing has enabled.

Krinal Mehta, Senior SEO Manager, FreshBooks (opens in a new tab)
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Features that unlock success

Maximize your impact at scale with intelligent monitoring that instantly prioritizes pages and opportunities based on business importance.
Boost your website’s growth potential by proactively identifying optimizations that enhance performance and edge out competitors.
Resolve issues before your performance and revenue take a hit with real-time alerts focused on the changes you care about.
Identify root causes and mitigate risks with a complete audit trail of all activity and changes across your content, updated in real-time.

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