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June 2023: Is Bing the Next Big Thing?

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Exciting News: Bing becomes ChatGPT's default Search Engine! In a game-changing move, ChatGPT has chosen Bing as its default search engine. Will this propel Bing to the forefront of search? Stay tuned to find out more! Plus, Bing's CEO throws shade at Bard, and Google introduces the Perspective Search Filter to rival TikTok and Instagram. Lastly, hear Pat's initial thoughts on Google's disruptive SGE. Don't miss this month's 30|30 for all the details.

In this month's version Pat covers -

  • It’s Been Pretty Quiet Out There
  • So, I Got Access To Google SGE And…
  • The Googs Launches Their “Perspectives” Search Filter - Tiktokers & Instagramers Rejoice!
  • What Is Googles “Topic Authority” Ranking System?
  • Bing Becomes The Default Search Engine For ChatGPT
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