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What Entities & Knowledge Graphs Mean for AI Search

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Search engines are getting smarter. Instead of simply matching keywords, they now understand the intent and context behind each search.

This shift to semantic search means that SEOs and content writers need to be thinking about how they can inform search engines about the true meaning of their content and brand.

By properly defining and connecting the entities that make up your content using schema markup, you can develop your knowledge graph and provide search engines with more context knowledge about the entities and content on your site. With more context, search engines can better match your content to the searcher’s queries, resulting in a high click-through rate and more quality traffic to your site.

But putting this entity-based search into action is easier said than done. In this webinar from Conductor and Schema App, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the impact of the change from keyword to semantic search and why entities and knowledge graphs matter
  • Define the key entities on your site and in your content
  • Leverage schema markup so search engines understand your entities
  • Connect entities into a knowledge graph that search engines can digest
  • Adapt your search approach and metrics to the growing world of AI

Whether you’re in marketing, SEO, or content creation, this webinar gives you the knowledge and tactics to maximize search as AI grows in importance.

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