Search Engine Market Share: Compare Your Analytics To ComScore's Data

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Why is there a discrepancy between comScore's search engine market share numbers and your analytics? We analyzed 100 million organic visits to find out.


What is Search Engine Market Share?

Search engine market share is the measurement of how much traffic comes from each search engine on desktop, mobile, and tablet views. Google currently owns most of the market, but other search engines are beginning to see an increase in their market share.

Every month, comScore releases a US Search Engine Rankings report. Consistently, this report shows Google with a lower search engine market share than what site owners see in their own analytics. Why is there a discrepancy? Which numbers are the right ones to base your marketing strategy on?

In this white paper, Conductor’s Director of Research Nathan Safran analyzes over 100 million organic search visits and investigates the discrepancy between search engine market share numbers that comScore and publishers report.

Download the white paper at right and find out why your analytics clash with comScore’s data.

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