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If you liked Searchmetrics, you’ll love Conductor. We’re one company now, and our leading SEO software helps you drive more business from organic search.

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Exciting features for marketers who liked Searchmetrics

If you’re familiar with Searchmetrics, then you know how important it is to have an SEO platform that delivers results on a large scale.

With 20+ billion keywords, Conductor’s platform unlocks infinite possibilities for SEO keyword research and analysis.
Content Guidance scrapes SERPs in real time, delivering actionable recommendations.
Every quarter, we improve the experience for SEOs, turning user requests into major upgrades.
Build briefs from anywhere in the platform, and integrate with Jira, Asana, and more!
In minutes, demonstrate the value of your work and create reports for senior leaders.
ContentKing is the only technical SEO tool that alerts you about changes to your site the instant they happen.
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Whether you’re just getting started or looking to empower your entire team, Conductor Academy's free online digital marketing courses are here to help.

Join our VP of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts our award-winning SEO webinar series to break down updates in search, social, and content marketing.

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