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Conductor's Culture Book

Culture is precious and so important to a company. Yet it’s always changing and evolving. This book brings together many lenses and perspectives, and anchors our vision for a greater place to work. Download our Culture Book below.

Why This Book Exists

In 2018, we started working on a Culture Book to be our guiding light. We’re constantly developing our culture and the work is never done. We needed to get this vision down on paper, bottle it, and share it. Both for Conductors, future Conductors and to inspire others.

A People-first Culture

This book captures the central mission of our people-first culture: to transform marketing into a force for improving people’s lives. The hope is to share this with the intention of helping other companies to take a more people-first approach to business.

Why does company culture matter? It’s our north star: the values we strive to uphold and the failures of character we actively avoid. It manifests in the little things, the everyday behaviors you repeat and repeat until they make Conductor everything it can be.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor

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