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Accelerate Your SEO Success - SEO Data is the Key

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Find out how data can help you get the necessary buy-in from executives, and how it can also fuel your organic marketing and SEO journey.

SEO has always been of great importance, but has sometimes lacked buy-in and visibility because it’s a long-term investment, and successful execution can be highly complex. It’s sometimes viewed as a hustle, and outsourced to third parties and agencies.

Since the pandemic started last year, there has been a marked shift in attitudes towards SEO, with all eyes on companies’ digital presence as the primary shop-front for customers. Take e-commerce as an example: while digital participation has been steadily growing for years, the pandemic has forced people online and last year’s growth is equal to the growth of the previous ten years.

Regardless of whether this is sustained, or if it normalizes in the coming months, companies have had no choice but to pay more attention to their digital presence, and how users find their site online.

In order to create a successful SEO program, it is imperative that we take the opportunities presented by this particular moment in time to drive towards a bigger and more integrated role in business. Unlike most digital marketing channels, SEO performance can be impacted by anyone in a company whose work touches the websiteWebsite
A website is a collection of HTML documents that can be called up as individual webpages via one URL on the web with a client such as a browser.
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, for better -or often for worse.

SEO practitioners’ goals are twofold: to capitalize on SEO opportunities and to minimize SEO risk. This can be done in silo to an extent by increasing the parts of the site that can be influenced by an SEO practitioner, but without real oversight and operational integration there will always be changes made to the website that will be out of the SEO’s field of vision. These changes can be anything from technical alterations to publishing or optimizing content, to changes to product categorizations resulting in URLs shifting with no redirects in place, or changes to pagePage
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templates that will impact large sections of the site at once. If SEO teams aren’t aware of these changes until after they have happened, if at all, the success of their optimisation efforts can be completely undermined by well-intentioned work undertaken by other teams.

This guide’s aim is to provide actionable insights on getting one step closer to operational organic marketing maturity using data. The pyramid below displays how concrete proof of SEO impact is the foundation of achieving vital milestones in one team’s SEO journey.

SEO Journey Pyramid

Data is the foundation of achieving everything else in the pyramid, but is often easier said than done, as SEO data is rarely available all in one place, and can be very difficult to stitch together.

Even when we manage to get to answers, it can be a very manual process, and difficult to explain in a clear and concise way to non-specialists - the people we want to win over.

Getting this right can set you for success for all the other steps in the pyramid. Having measurable evidence that shows the value of SEO will convince executives, who will support and back SEO encouraging governance and collaboration, which will lead to greater SEO results.

Download the guide to get actionable insights on how to accelerate your SEO with data.

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