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Topic Explorer

The Topic Explorer is an instrument for topic research in the Searchmetrics Content Experience.

It is a feature of the Briefing Creator, with which author briefings are created for content creation. The Topic Explorer is based on deep-learning insights that allow targeted research. This allows sophisticated, holistic content to be created, which comprehensively deals with topics related to one another and serves the user intent.

The Topic Explorer displays topics that are semantically related and have a relationship with the initial topic of the briefing . With a click of a certain topic this can be

  • selected
  • expanded to an additional level, i.e. further related topics
  • found,
  • removed from the diagram or
  • analyzed in detail.

The topics can be illuminated in six expandable tabs from various perspectives:

  • Semantic
  • Rankings
  • Seasonality
  • Competitiveness
  • Search intention
  • Sales funnel

In each approach the Topic Explorer offers a view as a table or as a graphic visualization.


The topics that share a mutual context are closely arranged to one another and have the same color.


The rankings show a comparative view of a URL compared to competing websites . The color of the outer circle represents which position a URL ranks for a topic. The color of the inner circle shows how many of the determined benchmark domains rank on the first Google page for the topic. The viewing of a ranking position compared to the benchmarks helps to identify neglected topics and to fill content gaps. The rankings in the Topic Explorer can only be used if a URL is given in the briefing and benchmarks were set in the corresponding project.


Here the Topic Explorer shows topics with a search volume that rises at certain times of the year. These are shown in the same color for spring, summer, fall and winter respectively. If the user takes such seasonal effects into account in their content strategy, they can publish content when demand is at its highest and hold back when nobody is searching for it. This means the text is not only high quality, but also relevant, as it is received at the right time.


Under this view topics are ordered by their “market value” as is shown in the CPC (cost per click for paid adverts in Google search results). The Topic Explorer shows the topics with similarly high CPC according to Google AdWords close to one another and in the same color. Topics with higher CPC are more competitive as more competitors are prepared to pay money for advertising. Such topics are therefore more in demand and more valuable. Here it is particularly worthwhile to rank with content.

Search intent

Under search intent the Topic Explorer displays various personas: The topics are differentiated by the user intent with which a user is searching for on Google. Search terms with the same search intent is displayed close to one another and in the same color. If a search term is usually searched for with the intention of finding out more about it, then this search is informative. The search intent is navigational if the user is directly lead to a certain site. If search intent is transactional, then the user is interested in making a purchase. Taking search intent into account helps to create content that is coordinated to the purpose of the site.

Sales funnel

The cycle of a purchase is usually divided into four phases that a potential buyer goes through: These are

  1. Perception – users are aware of their purchasing interest
  2. Evaluation – users weigh up making a purchase
  3. Purchase – users want to make a purchase
  4. Customer loyalty – users remain loyal to a certain brand

Topics can be assigned to these phases. The topics that are assigned to the same phase in the sales funnel are displayed close to one another and in the same color. If the writer takes the purchase cycle phase into account that applies to a topic, then the content can be precisely coordinated to it.

The Topic Explorer makes it possible to specifically research and select matching, promising topics for the content strategy. This allows holistic content to be created, which fulfill user expectations and improve their own presence in the search engines .

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