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9 Must-Listen SEO Podcasts to Keep Up with Trends in 2023

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We've compiled a list of top SEO podcasts we think every marketer should listen and subscribe to. Our list features high-quality podcasts that offer unique and useful insights about SEO for every area of expertise.

Following a careful review and vetting process, we’ve hand-picked our top SEO podcasts at this moment — so whether you're new to the SEO scene or a veteran trying to keep up with the ever-evolving industry, we have a podcast for you!

The process of compiling this list wasn’t done half-heartedly. We searched through many podcast lists, referred to streaming charts, and looked to what those in the SEO community were sharing. Then, we evaluated.

We calculated our list to feature podcasts that:

  • offer unique approaches to SEO
  • provide tangible takeaways for listeners
  • and of course, are interesting to listen to

You’ll notice there’s no rankingsRankings
Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page.
Learn more
for our list — this was completely intentional. We didn’t want this to be about who’s the best, because quite frankly each of these podcasts are high-quality, well-executed and unique in their own right. Instead, this is a list spotlighting the best of what’s currently out there.

So without further ado, here’s our top SEO podcasts.

Experts on the Wire: Best for hearing from SEO experts

  • Hosted by: Dan Shure
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Notable guests: John Mueller, Rand Fishkin, Jackie Chu, Kevin Indig
  • Learn more: Evolving SEO

We like this podcast because it showcases the expertise and knowledge of some of the best in the biz. Few other podcasts regularly feature so many well-known guests, whereas Dan has interviewed over 100 thought-leaders in SEO including John Mueller and Rand Fishkin.

We feature guests I personally feel excited to learn from, and topics I know my audience will love. In 2021 and beyond I honestly hope to just keep delivering the same quality, longer-form, in-depth interviews that I've been doing.

Dan Shure

Crawling Mondays: Best for SEO How-To’s

  • Hosted by: Aleyda Solis
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Notable guests: Lily Ray, Matthew Howells-Barb, Areej AbuAli, John Shehata, and Nick Eubanks
  • Learn more: Crawling Mondays

We enjoy this podcast because it covers all the different aspects of SEO, from link building, keywordKeyword
A keyword is what users write into a search engine when they want to find something specific.
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research to technical audits, you name it. Aleyda has become one of the go-to voices in SEO, so she is the perfect host for interested listeners to learn more from. She speaks really fast — so get ready for lots of interesting insights :)

I began doing the conversations with other SEOs about the different areas in SEO: Content Optimization, Enterprise SEO, SEO automation, SEO audits, etc. It's topic focused and the goal is to go through the main aspects, challenges, tips to improve our work and results in the area discussed, with other SEOs that have in-depth experience in it.

Aleyda Solís, International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti (opens in a new tab)

WTSPodcast: Best for SEO Inspiration

We are fans of this podcast in particular because it spotlights women working in a relatively male-dominated industry, and is an excellent source of community for all women in SEO. Each episode zooms in on a singular SEO topic like core web vitals or keyword mapping, with the all-female guests sharing their stories, real-life examples and advice for others.

As with all Women in Tech SEO initiatives, we're on a mission to amplify all the brilliant women in our industry. Our weekly episodes feature new SEO topics in a fun and accessible way, we also learn about our guests' stories and what empowers them.

Areej AbuAli, Founder, Women in Tech SEO

TechSEO: Best for learning technical SEO

As the podcast name suggests, this is a great resource for everything technical SEO. We chose this podcast because of its niche focus, covering specific technical SEO topics like sitemaps, log files, and Javascript.

SEO is made up of many topics and subtopics. Because SALT is a purely technical-focused agency, we believe it’s important to discuss this type of content and try to simplify complex subjects, so they are easier to digest.

Are technical issues holding back your SEO performance? Check if this is the case for your website right away!

Voices of Search: Best for SEO strategy

This podcast stood out to us because it’s centered around marketers from notable companies — like Square and Sparktoro, just to name a few — discussing high-level strategies such as SEO KPI funnels and SEO reporting metrics. It’s also a bit different with episodes being added every few days and with relatively shorter episode lengths (about 10-15 minutes per episode).

We do our best to provide up to date information for the SEO community in an engaging and easily consumable format. We are always excited to hear from new search strategists and practitioners, which keeps the creating the content fresh and exciting.

Benjamin Shapiro, Host of the MarTech & Voices of Search podcasts

The Recipe for SEO Success: Best for SEO Basics

We chose this podcast because we think it’s a great starting point for anyone looking for an all-encompassing guide to SEO — especially for SMBs and online businesses like bloggers, course instructors, and freelancers. It discusses a wide range of marketing topics in a way that’s easy to understand and accessible for beginners, so if you are just starting out and feel a bit intimidated, this podcast is for you.

I have a Facebook group, I love SEO, that’s packed with humans wanting to DIY their SEO, so whenever they ask a question it gives me an episode idea. And I pick guests through connections on Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse — SEO types I see who are on a mission to educate and help, not toot their own horn.

Kate Toon, Director, The Recipe for SEO Success

Search Off the Record: Best for Understanding Google

SEO information straight from the source. This podcast made our list because listeners get to hear directly from Google Webmasters themselves — and while the hosts don’t give any exclusive algorithm secrets away, they do address common-concerns like if Google treats Javascript differently or whether or not you should care about crawl budget.

So in this podcast, we're trying to share a little bit for everyone who’s interested in what we’re thinking, what we’re working on and what happens before things become public.

Martin Splitt, Developer Relations, Google

The SEO Rant: Best for SEO Hot-takes

If you're seeking content promising X ways to do this or that for SEO, then this isn't the podcast for you. This podcast is a must-listen as it takes an unconventional approach, challenging the fluff-filled-listicle content we’ve become accustomed to and defying the norms of SEO with topics like why going viral is a bad marketing strategy or why branded keywords are more important than SEOs would like to admit.

From being hosted on various podcasts myself I always walked away from the "Q&A" format feeling like I had more to say but never had the opportunity. Often, it would be the topics I felt to be really important. What I thought to do on the SEO Rant then was to turn the mic over to the guest. Here's a topic… take it wherever you want to.

Mordy Oberstein, Head of SEO Branding, Wix

Bonus: Edge of the Web

While this podcast covers all digital marketing topics, the host comes from an SEO background and the show centers itself around SEO-related insights. This can be a go-to source for listeners looking to be kept informed in industry news while still getting expert advice on improving SERPs.

We try to make sure that we are as topical as we can be, splitting the content into a news show and interview show. We also use the show as a continual R & D training for our team, keeping our "powder dry" so to speak. How better to keep our skills sharp than interview the best in the business?

Erin Sparks, President, Site Strategics

Have a favorite SEO podcast we missed? Let us know! Share what podcasts you’re listening to and give your recommendations on Twitter .

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