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Short Term SEO: The Immediate Benefits of On-Page Optimizations

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Although SEO is usually sold as a long term strategy, it can also have short term gains. Learn more about the immediate benefits of on-page optimizations with real life examples.

SEO is typically sold as a long-term investment and as a digital marketing strategy that requires time to see results. This drives some companies, who are focused on fast results, to be deterred from investing in SEO believing that they can only achieve quick wins through channels like PPC. However, fruitful short term gains in SEO are possible and should be considered by marketers when evaluating investments in the channel.

While it is true that SEO isn’t a light switch or a one-time fix, there are quick and easy gains you can make by optimizing your content around your customer’s voice to increase your discoverability on search engineSearch Engine
A search engine is a website through which users can search internet content.
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result pages. Although SEO gains strength over time, like compounding interest, that does not mean you won’t get results in the first few weeks, if not days.

Real-Life Example of Short Term Gains of SEO

At Conductor, we’ve seen quick and impactful SEO results countless times with our customers. With the correct research and analysis powered by a comprehensive SEO platform, optimizations on existing content can begin producing improved results within the first week.

Take the graph above, for example, after updating a set of pages to align more with our customer’s target audience and voice, they saw an 11% increase in organic sessions in the first week and a 28% increase during the week after that. In addition, the optimized content began to reach a larger audience and saw a steady increase in new users who were finding the content organically. Notably, new users increased 9% the first week and 30% the second.

Moreover, as the table below illustrates, keywords that once did not rank in the top 10 jumped onto the first page of Google in just one week. At the same time, others that did not rank at all skyrocketed over 90 positions to the top 10.

By focusing on on-page optimizations – updating the metadata and body copy of pages to include keywordKeyword
A keyword is what users write into a search engine when they want to find something specific.
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targeting that draws from the customers’ voice – an improvement in organic performance was seen right away. This is to show that SEO can have a quick turnaround in terms of results when supported by relevant, representative data. It should also be noted that these optimizations did not just benefit the content in the short term, but they allowed the pages to accrue strength over time, continuing to contribute increased organic traffic and improved keyword rankingsRankings
Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page.
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as time goes on (as is seen with the traffic in the graph above that continues to increase months after the optimizations).

Cascading Benefits

The importance of designing and structuring your content based on what your customer is actually searching for will allow you to reap immediate benefits not just for your SEO, but across other digital channels. This is because having well-written and well-optimized content doesn’t just benefit your website’s organic performance, but it can also inform both your email and social campaigns.

To find out how you can leverage our SEO platform for short term SEO gains & long-term organic wins, get started with Conductor today.

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