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UK B2B SaaS Industry Trends Report 2021

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Get the UK B2B SaaS Industry Trends Report 2021 and discover UK-specific search trends and insights for martech and workplace collaboration tools.

In the United Kingdom, multiple lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic led many companies to seek business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to keep their remote employees connected and move business forward. In 2021, the surge in interest for B2B SaaS tech shows no signs of slowing down.

Public cloud SaaS revenue in the UK is estimated to reach £7.2 billion ($9.9 billion U.S.) in 2021 and will grow to £10.9 billion ($15.03 billion U.S.) by 2025 . At the same time, the global SaaS market is expected to grow by more than 40% to an estimated £263.3 billion ($362 billion U.S.) by 2022 .

Finding specific UK B2B SaaS tech industry data isn’t always easy. That’s why we did our own research. Conductor analysed 10,256 non-branded B2B searches from May 2020 - May 2021 related to the two biggest SaaS solutions in the UK—marketing technology (martech) and workplace collaboration tools. We distilled our findings into the UK B2B SaaS Industry Trends Report 2021.

Which martech solutions are in highest demand in the UK?

The UK market size for martech solutions alone reached £4 billion ($5.5 billion U.S.) in 2020. Within the category, Customer Experience Management (CXM) is seeing a consistent increase since last year as businesses look to CX as a competitive differentiator. Additional topics worth prioritising for content marketers in 2021 are advice and top tools for social media management.


Which workplace collaboration tools are in highest demand in the UK?

The pandemic made many UK companies comfortable with hiring full-time remote workers. Now, businesses want to find ways to help a hybrid or distributed workforce stay productive. That’s likely the primary reason why solutions for document management and archiving systems saw close to a 10% average increase in UK search demand last year. Searches for workplace communication chat and video conferencing software fell, an indication that companies likely found their preferred solutions earlier in the pandemic.


When do B2B SaaS solution searches peak in the UK in 2021?

Our research shows increases and decreases in UK B2B SaaS solution searches that follow the ebbs and flows of typical work schedules of UK companies. Search demand fell over two key holiday seasons—spring and summer 2020 and December 2021. Demand then increased after summer and following the start of the new year as employees returned to work from their holidays. The new year also marks the start of many corporate budgeting cycles. These calendar-based trends are likely here to stay.


Searches for “social media calendar 2021” experienced a near-600% increase over the past year. A deeper dive shows high search interest in content calendars, campaigns, and automation solutions and platforms. Searches for CRM examples are up nearly 300%, with higher search volumes for CRM in the banking and insurance industries. “Contact management systems” and “channel management software” also showed large increases in search volumeSearch Volume
Search volume refers to the number of search queries for a specific keyword in search engines such as Google.
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Searches for an “electronic archiving system” increased by an astounding 1300% over the past year, with “document management storage” demand increasing by 800%. UK businesses searching for project management solutions are seeking information about optimising the use of Gantt charts.


Now that you know the trending topics in the UK B2B SaaS Tech market, you can use them to improve your organic marketing capabilities. Our best advice: Prioritise writing content around the topics showing the highest average increase in search and build your domains as a leading source of UK B2B SaaS tech information.

Who owns the UK SaaS B2B tech market on page 1?

These search trends are just a few of the many fascinating insights we uncovered in our survey.

Read the full report to learn lots more, including:

  • Which top performers are dominating search results across trending topics
  • The companies that own the market for the first page of Google for both solutions
  • Opportunities for you to capture the conversation before your competitionCompetition
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You’ll even get organic marketing tips and examples of how to up your SEO and content marketingContent Marketing
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