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10 Reasons You Need to Send Your Marketing Team to C3

Two days. 48 sessions. 1250 marketers. There’s no better time or place than C3 for your team to explore the changing digital marketing landscape.

Two days. 48 sessions. 1250 world-class marketers. There’s no better time and place than C3 for your team to explore the changing digital marketing landscape and get up-to-date on everything—organic search, social media, content marketing, mobile, local—we cover it all.

Get ahead in digital: send your team to C3. Here are the top ten reasons you'll thank yourself you did:

1. Earn more revenue.

Organic media is the single biggest source of web traffic. It brings in more qualified leads than any other channel. It yields the highest ROI. After two days of intensive organic strategy sessions with top brands – like Intuit, Goodyear, Conde Nast, and Logitech—your team will return from C3 with the know-how to build earned media equity.

2. Stop interrupting and start connecting.

Ad blocking is up 41% this year, and your customers choose more and more to ignore paid media and seek organic content. At C3, your team will focus on learning the earned media strategies that customers prefer and trust.

3. Cut hefty advertising costs.

It’s not just about connecting with your customers… it’s about your bottom line, too. Organic media marketing can help you save a mountain of money. Cut your paid costs by sending your team to C3 , where they’ll learn what it takes to radically reduce your marketing spend.

4. Win competitive battles.

Online revenue is, quite literally, a race to the top. At the C3 conference, your team will study real data from marketers who regularly win those top spots and the cash that comes with them.

conductor innovation lab at c3 conference

5. Expand into new markets.

At C3, you’ll hear from international powerhouses like (the #1 retailer in the Netherlands, with millions of products on page one) and FedEx (a brand that has mastered local market domination on a global scale). Send your team to C3 to get invaluable training on capturing global market share.

6. Amplify your network.

C3 is a gathering place for world-class marketers from brands like Canon, Brooks Brothers, Acronym, Adobe, and more. Expand your team’s influence and resources, and spark new partnerships with the industry’s trendsetters and leaders.

c3 conference booths

7. Get the gold standard of best practices.

Are your marketers reaching customers on a mobile scale? Are they experimenting with brand new channels like smart watches and live streaming? C3 is a crash course in the latest and greatest trends and marketing tactics; accelerate your team’s performance by sending them to C3 to get up to speed.

8. Reward top performance & push talent to the next job tier.

C3 is as much fun as it is an intensive training experience—register deserving members of your team, elevate junior talent, and send the message that great work gets recognized.

c3 451 marketing event

9. Maximize your training budget.

Invest it in your team’s professional growth and your earned media strategy—send them to C3.

10. Get the Latest and Greatest in Marketing Technology.

Who's number one in your vertical? Marketing is an arms race—technology fuels your grab for market share online. Send your team to C3 for velvet rope access to advanced technology classes, a first look at new marketing tech features and inventions, and strategic guidance to increase the return on your marketing technology investment.

Get all of the insights from C3 2022, Conductor's annual organic marketing conference, by watching the experience on-demand.

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