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On the Maturation of the SEO Industry

We’ve written before about how tools, technology and metrics in the SEO industry have lagged behind that of it’s online marketing brethren.   Rank tracking software provides little insight into the competitive landscape, on-page audit tools are a separate software suite and provide limited value, backlink analysis is a third tool, and Excel tries mightily to tie them all together.

We think the tide is changing as Marketers turn increased attention to SEO as a customer acquisition and brand development channel.  They are rethinking their approaches from a budget, resource, and metrics perspective—and they are increasingly looking to second generation technology to tie it all together.

62% are currently using, or planning on using/researching an SEO technology platform in 2011

To test this hypothesis, we recently partnered with Econsultancy on a study titled SEO Trends: Issues and Opportunities. The study, based on a survey of 352 Marketers, found that these Marketers are placing increased attention on SEO, and the industry is rapidly maturing from a technology and metrics perspective.

Some key findings that highlight this transition:

65% of organizations will increase their SEO budget in 2011:

Growth in SEO Budget

3 out of 4 respondents (78%) say SEO metrics have more influence on business strategy decisions than they did 12 months ago:

SEO influence on business strategy

62% are currently using, or planning on using/researching an SEO technology platform in 2011:

SEO Platform Plans

Download the study to find out more about how the SEO industry is moving to resources, metrics, and technology.  We’ll have more to say soon on the growth of SEO resources in large organizations.

Let us know in the comments your take on the SEO industry trajectory.

-Nathan Safran
Senior Research Analyst

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