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Data: Demand Media’s Post Panda Search Rankings Illustrate Why Their Stock Has Recently Plummeted

Multiple news outlets this past week reported on Demand Media stock dropped 13% value and their subsequent statement that it was attributable to Google’s Panda algorithm change.  From Reuters‘ coverage:

Demand Media Inc said Google Inc’s new search algorithm hurt page views on some of its websites moderately, sending its shares down as much as 13 percent on Monday.

To highlight just how significant Demand Media’s decline in search visibility was due to Panda that likely contributed to their stock decline, we culled data on 2,000 keywords for (a key Demand Media web property) from Conductor’s Searchlight SEO platform.

We compared search visibility for the 2,000 high-ranking keywords (84% started out pre-Panda above the fold on the SERPs) pre-Panda (Feb. 13th) to this past week (April 27).

When comparing e-how’s search visibility pre-Panda to post Panda nearly three-quarters (72%) of keywords dropped in rank.  Perhaps most tellingly, 42% of keywords dropped from prime visibility positions above the fold (position 4) while 17% dropped entirely off Page 1:

Most tellingly, post Panda, 42% of e-how keywords dropped from prime visibility positions above the fold

Of those keywords that fell, they dropped an average of 10 positions, a full page in the search results, clearly a pretty devastating result for an entity that exists nearly entirely off of it’s natural search visits.

If you have been affected by Panda are you seeing things stabilize?

-Nathan Safran
Senior Research Analyst

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