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I had the opportunity to join a roster of great speakers and search marketers at this week’s Pro SEO Seminar run by Distilled & SEOmoz in Boston. The event was pretty awesome and I wish I was able to stay the second day (today) – I know Dharmesh from Hubspot will take down the house, as always.

We presented an evolved version of the “Business of SEO” or the 5 Stages of SEO Maturity with a pretty deep dive on how large brands could/should calculate their SEO ROI. The feedback was pretty strong so we’re going to run a customer webinar for a deeper dive on the topic soon.  The presentation and supporting excel tools are available to download for free here:

Since the original plan was the kick off the event in the morning, we made a 2 minute introduction video that’s really funny – have a watch and share with other nerds who find this stuff funny :

Also, when we presented for the 3rd time at the 2010 SEOmoz Seminar, we made a similar type video recapping the prior year’s content – enjoy:

Thanks for the incredible opportunity Will, Duncan and the Distilled Team – we had a great time!

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