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Searchlight from a User Experience Design Perspective

Martin Alonso is the Lead Product Designer at Conductor, and helped develop Conductor Searchlight’s UX.


In designing an application like Searchlight, user experience is of utmost importance. One of the main reasons why our customers come to us is because they struggle with the scale of managing portfolios of thousands of keywords. And this means, in our opinion, two things:

  1. Help the customer collect, analyze, secure and store huge amounts of data
  2. Help us to make sense of this data, make it available to us in an intuitive fashion, and help us leverage the power of a full SEO data set

The second point, especially, can only be true with a solid User Experience that includes an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and a solid understanding of the SEO space. Even more significantly – an understanding of the SEO professional and their everyday job requirements.

Innovation and Creation Lead the Way

Both the SEO space and its professionals are constantly evolving. SEO is still a maturing industry; therefore, we believe that we are charged with both innovating and creating the technologies of its future.

One important part of innovation is a constant feedback loop where we listen to our customers, see how our tools are being used, and then make quick iterations to address any existing issues. Then we go around the loop again to see if our changes solved the issues, identify if new issues have appeared, address those in another quick iteration, and so on.


Continuous innovation and creation have both found a place in Searchlight, where we are creating not only the best-selling SEO platform, but also an ecosystem where you can do your job more easily, efficiently, and seamlessly. We truly believe that this product is the best SEO platform for the enterprise.




Creating a Seamless Experience

One of the challenges we face in creating this seamless experience is: How do we balance the dual need for both depth of data and a quick understanding of the current fires in your data set? We know that the job of the SEO demands a comprehensive data set, but at times you just need to know if something is going badly, or if something is going well.

To manage these dual competing needs, we created what we call an “inverse funnel” where on one axis we have the urgency, and on the other axis, the data depth. In this funnel we create a series of “gates,” that loosely correspond with pages in our application. Our UX is designed so you can navigate this funnel in the other direction as well. At any time, you can simply jump into Searchlight and explore: gather data and hunt opportunities. We order all of your data by type, which makes it very intuitive to find what you are looking for.

We understand that in SEO, you are in charge of maintaining your current traffic flow, but you are also responsible for expanding the reach of your marketing efforts.

We understand that in SEO, you are in charge of maintaining your current traffic flow, but you are also responsible for expanding the reach of your marketing efforts. SEO professionals are required to be both extremely dynamic and at the same time extremely accountable for issues with their natural traffic performance. We are designing an application that works both ways. An application that is your sturdy and always-reliable truck. Yet, if you are in a hurry, it can also take you there as fast as a sports car. Who wouldn’t want that vehicle?


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