Essential Enterprise SEO Reading: June 24-29

Announcing a New Feature on the Conductor Blog

While there’s several search industry recaps out there, we rarely see a focus on topics specifically tailored to enterprise SEOs. For our new ‘essential reading’ feature, we have collected articles, tweets, and other media to present to you on a regular basis here at the Conductor blog. Whether you’re just getting started in SEO, or you’ve been at it for years, we hope you discover something worth sharing.

Sam Crocker SES London duplicate contentIdentifying, Removing & Preventing Duplicate Content

This slideshare of Sam Crocker‘s presentation at this year’s London SES Conference touches on a problem plaguing many enterprise SEOs: dreaded duplicate content. The presentation includes tools and examples. Read more

Ian Lurie enterprise seo keywords

Why Enterprise SEO Shouldn’t Focus Solely On Keywords

Portent’s Ian Lurie sounds off on why enterprise SEO is often so keyword-focused, and gives us better business objectives to focus on. (Hint: If you want to learn more about optimizing long-tail keywords, we wrote some awesome research on that.) Read more

google IO relay raceGoogle I/O 2012: A Helping of Gadgets With a Side of Circus Act

Keep up on All Things Google with AllThingsD: If you weren’t able to stream the Google IO conference at work, this review by Liz Gannes is worth a read. Read more

Quick Tip: Follow @YahooSearchData for Lifestyle eCommerce Ideas

If you have a twitter list of useful handles for SEO info, @YahooSearchData should be one of them. Great for inspiration on keywords, blog posts, and search trending topics. Credit to Adam Sherk for his post about utilizing these tweets for lifestyle publishers.

Miranda Miller tweetIn this week’s #SEOchat, we finally we find out how Search Engine Watch’s Miranda Miller really feels about Google.

Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you enjoyed this recap, and please leave us a comment if you think there’s a article or blog we should feature in the future.

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