Essential Enterprise SEO Reading: July 20

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Matt Cutts and Eric Enge talk SEOMatt Cutts & Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site

Matt Cutts and Eric Enge, two of the most important people in search right now, chat duplicate content, eCommerce, infographics, and more. An industry must-read.


10 things you must do to prepare your business for SEO10 Things You Must Do to Prepare Your Business for SEO

Thinking of working with an agency, SEO professional, or even adopting SEO technology to build an SEO campaign? Be ready to adopt them into your marketing department with full all-access analytics pass for optimal results. Get your ducks in a row with this list by Greg Shuey at


IBM CEO reportCompiling CIO Insights From IBM’s CEO Study 2012

As enterprise SEOs have access to more information, many need to develop skills of a  Chief Information Officer to make decisions based on large data sets collected over time. This Forrester post provides some good talking points when using SEO data to appeal to the C-suite.


InterviJon Colman REIew with Jonathon Colman of REI

John Doherty interviews Jonathon Colman, former head of SEO, now transitioning into a new information strategy role, at REI. There’s a lot to learn from Jon, as he’s been in the trenches of the enterprise SEO role, but of particular value is his knowledge of agile SEO. Utilize his agile development resources from this interview to see how it might work in your company.


4 P's of SEOThe Four P’s of Search Engine Optimization

This article is from last year, but we think it’s especially necessary in the dead of the summer to fortify yourself with foundational reading. While this article isn’t specifically tailored to enterprise SEOs, the qualities outlined here by Guillaume Bouchard are universally applicable to in-house SEO.


Segment your keywords for large data setsMaking The Case For Adding Keyword Segmentation To Your SEO Repertoire

Our own Nathan Safran makes the case for segmenting large keyword sets for better search trending visibility, in Search Engine Land.


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