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SEO Professional Demand Has Never Been Greater [Study]

Close followers of the online marketing world know the trends in the last 12-18 months show the space is hot.  Recent research by Shareaholic shows organic search drives nearly half of all traffic, 5x more than social networks combined and leads other channels in conversion percentages.  Tools and technology available to Search Marketers continue to improve and our day to day conversations with enterprise marketers show they are now approaching organic search with high expectations, devoting greater attention in the form of budget, headcount and mindshare than ever before.

The result of increased Marketer focus on natural search as a sales and marketing channel is that the demand for SEO Professional skills has never been greater.  I could go on, but sometimes less is more, so I’ll just let the data do the talking:

In July 2011, 249,595 people had ‘SEO’ listed in their title or in their description.  One year later 528,642 do:

SEO jobs on the rise

Looking at the same data a different way, people with ‘SEO’ in their title or description on Linked-In grew by 112% in 12 months:

SEO jobs increasing

Job listings with ‘SEO’ and ‘SEO professional’ in them have increased on job site by 1900% since 2006:

SEO jobs since 2006


Wanted Analytics reports more than 3,800 jobs were advertised online that required SEO skills in March 2012, a 24% increase compared to March 2011:

wanted analytics seo jobs

Where does all the demand for SEO professional come from?  From Marketers’ focus on SEO as a channel (Google Trends, searches for ‘SEO’):

SEO insight trends

So what’s it all mean?  We think the data suggests that, increasingly, Marketers get SEO.  That is, there is a maturation of the industry that is occurring as the value of natural search as a channel is being recognized and Marketers demand both tools that help them get the most from it, and employees that understand it.

The result of increased focus on natural search as a sales and marketing channel is that the demand for professionals with SEO skills has never been greater.

One final point to support the view that the industry is maturing:  Increasingly, along with proficiency with sitemaps, robots.txt and A/B testing, employers are looking for SEO professionals experienced with mature toolsets.

SEO skill set
In the SEO industry, the future is now.