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Why 2013 Will be the Year of the SEO [Study]

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When economists seek to take a measure of the large and complex entity that is the economy, they measure several economic indicators such as housing starts, jobs created, and gross domestic product.  Taken together, these distinct indicators provide a comprehensive picture of how this large, complicated entity—the economy—is performing.

This same collective principle can be applied to the SEO industry to get a measure of its performance and growth. RFP’s from companies for an Enterprise SEO Platform have increased, internal search teams have grown across all verticals, and executives have become increasingly fluent in the language of search. While we have strong anecdotal evidence that the SEO industry is rapidly and aggressively maturing, there hasn’t been concrete metrics to support this view.

Here at Conductor, we collaborated with our friends at industry-leading publication Search Engine Watch to measure the SEO industries ‘economic indicators’ and give readers a complete view of how SEO is maturing in the organization. We surveyed participants on budget, headcount, SEO technology adoption, C-suite buy-in, the use of search metrics in the organization, and more.

Today, we are excited to release the findings of our research with Search Engine Watch. After extensive analysis, we were pleased to find that SEO is indeed increasingly maturing in the organization in all ways:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Second Most Common Place (16%) for Search in the Organization is Now in its Own Department
  • 6 out of 10 Organizations expect to increase SEO headcount in the coming year
  • 63% of executive teams are more familiar with SEO metrics now than 12 months ago
  • 65% of respondents say natural search is influencing revenue strategy more today than compared to 12 months ago

Taken together, these ‘economic indicators’ point to one fact: it’s an exciting time to be in SEO.

Download the full research study to learn more about “Why 2013 Will be the Year of the SEO”.

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  2. I am agree with your post. This year have lots opportunity for SEO work.
    Let see what will be happen.

  3. Irina Lialyk says:

    Thank you very much for the article in which you are giving excellent advice. SEO now play a big role in the market.