The Second Most Common Place for Search in the Organization is Now in its Own Department

In the joint research we did with Search Engine Watch and presented at Conductor’s customer conference, C3, on September 20th, we asked Search Marketers about their SEO budget allocation, headcount, technology adoption, C-suite buy-in, the use of search metrics in the organization, and more. (See Search Engine Watch’s writeup of the research.)

The resulting data was fairly definitive about the rate with which SEO is maturing in the organization (download the full study), but one of the most interesting and eye-opening statistics to come out of the research was the revelation that the second most common place in the organization for SEO is now in its own department:

Why is this so significant? Because it used to be that the SEO was the tech geek in the basement:

Then, as SEO gained legitimacy as a channel, it moved under Marketing:

Now, as it continues to mature in the organization, the C-suite increasingly recognizes the opportunity in SEO as a sales and marketing channel, and search metrics are leveraged in informing business strategy, SEO is being positioned in its own dedicated department in the organization.  This may be the most significant indicator of how SEO is maturing in the organization.

Are you surprised by this finding?  Sound off in the comments.  And download the full study, Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the SEO, to get a full picture of how SEO is maturing in the organization.

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