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Top 5 Ways to Use Google+ for SEO

This Q&A series is designed to help new SEOs get started. The questions come from the young SEO professionals at the nonprofit Revision Ventures, and the answers come from you, experts in the digital marketing community.

 In this post, Conductors Chris Keelan explains how to use Google+ for SEO benefits.


Hi Chris,

How do you use Google+ for SEO?



Hey Tiffany,

Google+ is primarily a social media platform, but it appears as a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) feature that consistently ranks on the first page of Google. Given that big advantage, it’s a good idea to use Google+ for SEO purposes.

Using Google+ for SEO is commonly overlooked, but it’s a great way to improve a local business’s web presence.  In order to take full advantage of this FREE feature, you need to know the different types of Google+ pages you can claim and manage.

No matter the type and size of business you work within, there is a Google+ page for you!  The more common Google+ page is your Local Listing, which is typically highlighted in a “7 Pack” of businesses providing online searchers the business’ NAP information, also known as Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Google plus used for SEO with a 7-pack result

For the larger brand managers, Google+ offers a branded page that you can claim and actively manage to share content for your multiple locations and build recognition on a local level.

Now that we understand the types of Google+ pages you have access to, here are the TOP 5 benefits that come along with using Google+ for SEO:

1)  Use Google+ for prime SEO location, location, location.

No matter the size of your business or the skill level of your SEO, you have the ability to rank on the first page of Google.  Whether your business is highlighted in the Google Carousel, Maps Listing, or 7 Pack, desktop users (along with mobile/tablet users) have the ability to quickly interact with your business and/or brand.

2) Google+ helps polish your user-friendly experience.

Whether your Google+ business listing is created but not being managed or if your business literally can’t be found on the map, you can have access to your G+ business listing in just a few steps. There, you have the ability to customize your page by creating a keyword enriched business description and claiming your space within your neighborhood or marketplace.

3)  Easily test and create content with Google+.

Content is king. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s true.  You have the ability to nurture your brand by creating and publishing content about your business and generating a local following by adding users to your Google+ Circle. Google+ is a great way to publish new content in general: you never have to enter a CMS or publish to your domain. It’s a great, low-effort way to test content without damaging your website.

4)  Google+ gives you free and easy access to ROI.

Figuring out ROI is a struggle that makes most digital marketers lose sleep at night.  No need to worry when using Google+! First, it’s free.  This means that all the extra visibility and conversions you are generating with the help of your Google+ page is 100% profit. When is the last time you can say that about any other marketing efforts you’ve tried?

You can also determine value through metrics. As the Google+ page manager, you have access to analytics data to track how many visits your page is receiving and monitor the interactions for the content you are creating!

5)  Use Google+ for SEO and get mobile benefits.

As we all know, it’s important to optimize your web presence with mobile in mind. With the help of your Google+ page, your business and/or brand will not miss out on the vast opportunity of mobile marketing. The searches taking place in your neighborhood are highly actionable and a local listing page gives you the opportunity to connect with consumers who are looking for your services!

If you aren’t already looking up how to claim your Google+ page, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain page 1 visibility and make a footprint for your local business or marketing brand.


Revision Ventures educates young people from urban areas in SEO, and directly employs those students to SEO local business websites, providing marketing for small businesses and jobs for young people.

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