How Do I Set Up a Google Business Page for a Local Service or Pop-Up Shop?

This Q&A series is designed to help new SEOs get started. The questions come from the young SEO professionals at the nonprofit Revision Ventures, and the answers come from you, experts in the digital marketing community.

In this post, Conductors Chris Keelan explains how to set up Google Business Page and Brand pages for e-commerce and service-based businesses.


“Some of our clients don’t have a central address of business. For example, one client is an e-commerce business with pop-up locations. Another is a boot camp instructor that holds classes outside in various park locations.

Since Google My Business pages require a physical address for the business location, how would we resolve this problem? Would a P.O. box or co-working space suffice?”


First off, businesses should avoid using a P.O. box number or a co-working space for its main address since Google calls every business location for verification.

For the e-commerce business client with temporary pop-up locations, I would recommend creating a Brand page rather than a Business page. Since this business is primarily web-based, a Brand page would reach the widest net of consumers rather than a Business page, which would be confined to physical location.

Google+ Brand pages allow business owners to create and manage original content around their business and gain followers by connecting with users via Circles. Pop-up locations can be announced on the main site and/or social networks.

For the boot camp instructor with several physical locations, I would recommend a Business page but more specifically, a “service-area business.” This option is for businesses that serve customers at their locations, rather than at physical storefronts. Beneath your address information, select the checkbox for “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations.”


Your client will have to enter a physical address (i.e. home or central location) but can choose to not have it publicly listed. This will give the business an option to choose a specific mile radius in which its park locations or services fall within.

More on Your Google Business Page

There are plenty of options and ways to customize your Google+ page whether you are a service provider, brand, organization, or specific product. Google does a fantastic job of providing step-by-step instructions for users and digital markers to take control of their web presence online no matter what kind of business they are:

If you need a reminder of best ways to use Google+, please check out my last post, Top 5 Ways to Use Google+ for SEO. Have more questions? Comment below and we’ll answer them!


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