Why Our Clients Profit from an Enterprise SEO Platform Over Smaller Tools

Prior to bringing Conductor Searchlight to Wakefly, we used 17 different tools.

We switched from smaller tools to an enterprise SEO platform, Searchlight. The outcome? Our yearly SEO sales are up 412%.

How did we achieve that? The insights we gain through Conductor Searchlight allow us to provide the absolute highest quality SEO services across a varied client base. We use Searchlight’s paid and natural synergy, page level analytics, and competitive insights to retain our client base and exponentially grow their visibility and businesses online.

Why didn’t our smaller SEO toolsets give us the same results? For one, relying on smaller tools can really slow down an agency. When you provide SEO services for a client with that many tools, the conversation inevitably becomes: “Well, should I use this, this, or this?” If any of the tools provide the same data, but it is in conflict with another tool, you then also deal with questions of validity and precision of the data you are reporting. Your tool overlap becomes an issue and it’s easy to lose track of your processes; this results in inconsistent quality for your clients.

A Bigger SEO Platform and a Bigger Business Go Hand-In-Hand

We’re a full-service agency based in Boston. In the last few years, we’ve been growing rapidly, and new business has been pouring in. Our existing clients were seeing success, and those accounts were expanding. We were handling more accounts, locations, product lines, and services than ever, which meant the keywords we needed to manage, track, and optimize were growing exponentially.

For our organic search services, the mix of smaller toolsets really became a major challenge because it was difficult to scale our SEO efforts for those growing businesses. Excel simply crashes when you throw too much data at it. As agency people know, hampering your clients’ growth is just about the last thing you want to do. It’s bad for your clients’ business, and by extension, yours.

Unlike smaller tools, an enterprise SEO platform is built to handle volume. It scales with the size of your datasets, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating a massive amount of data. Searchlight is built to make it easy to move that data around and see its impact in different ways.


We’ve Saved Hundreds of Hours by Using an Enterprise SEO Platform

Switching to Conductor Searchlight has been a huge timesaver. Tedious manual processes are now automated. Having that central platform for our organic strategy has made it easier to consolidate and collaborate.

That speed has also really improved our sales process. In just a few minutes, we can turn around business development reports and get information to our prospects. We’re providing a level of data prospects aren’t used to seeing.

We don’t just talk conceptually with them; we really have a conversation about their business. That’s become a big differentiator for us. It’s also become much easier to help them navigate potential differences between what they’ve asked for and what they truly need.

We wanted to become a better agency as we grew. We didn’t want to put limitations on our ability to impact our clients’ organic search strategy, which for many of our clients is their top converting channel. Switching to an enterprise platform made sense, and it has made us faster, more insightful, and a more powerful resource for our clients.

Switching to an enterprise platform made sense, and it has made us faster, more insightful, and a more powerful resource for our clients. twitter-icon

Our SEO Platform Comes with More than Just Software. It Comes with People Too.

Conductor didn’t come in as a service provider. They didn’t come in as a vendor. They have been what we at Wakefly aim to be for our clients: a partner. To say we brought in Conductor to resolve our toolset issues is a huge understatement. Conductor came in not only as a voice of reason, but also with a willingness to hear and understand the challenges we face on a client-by-client basis. I call our Conductor customer success team and I hear back quickly. We resolve things together.

Adopting Searchlight has made our lives easier, so we can concentrate on what we have to do and what is right for the client. With an enterprise SEO platform, our clients have a higher quality of service, and a quicker turn around. On top of that, our partnership with the Conductor team made it an easy choice to switch from smaller tools to enterprise.

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