Marketing Podcast: 3 Reasons SEO Should Be Your Favorite Marketing Channel

I’m a total podcast junkie. I listen to them when I walk, clean, relax, and even as I fall asleep. You’ll understand, then, why I was happy to jump on a marketing podcast with Authority Marketing’s John McDougall; we got to talk about SEO in one of my favorite mediums.

You can listen to the entire episode, Advanced SEO Tips, to hear our sparkling repartee about topics like the buyer’s journey and SEO and how multimedia impacts your ranking. Or, if you’ve always been curious about Searchlight, listen to the podcast that dives into our Web Presence Management technology.

In this post, I’m broaching the first and broadest topic we tackled: how does SEO differ from other marketing channels?

We covered three main reasons SEO stands out: volume, lead quality, and long-term growth. twitter-icon

Reason #1: SEO trumps other marketing channels by sheer traffic volume

SEO Brings Volume

First, a little history: the reason John and I synced up on the marketing podcast at all was a blog post John read on the Conductor blog: Update: Organic Search Is Actually Responsible for 64% of Your Web Traffic.

He got interested in the idea of comparing marketing channels and wrote his own post on the topic: Search vs social, which is better?

Here’s one thing that was stunningly obvious in both pieces of content: volume. Just take a look at the data we gathered from a study of over 310 million visits (this is the updated chart, here’s the original study, if you’d like to dig deeper.)

Organic Search visits vs Other Channels

John looked at a few individual clients, zeroing in on the difference between search and social as traffic drivers. Organic search visits vastly outnumber social:

Organic Search vs Social

Reason #2: SEO drives higher quality leads

Organic search drives a lot of traffic; this we’ve established. But even better, it drives a lot of qualified traffic. twitter-icon

Organic Leads

Late last year, we surveyed demand generation marketers to better understand their take on marketing channels. We asked them to compare organic and paid lead quality. We asked about four categories ‑‑ volume, quality, consistency, and conversion rates – and for every category they ranked organic higher by a delta of at least 10 percent and up to 15.

Pretty impressive, SEO.

Demand Gen Leads for Organic

Reason #3: SEO grows over time

SEO Long and Prosper

If you turn off your ad campaign, stop tweeting, or retire your email newsletter, the traffic those channels was driving will almost immediately dry up. The cool thing about SEO, though, is that you won’t accidentally trip a switch and turn it off (well, unless you do something crazy like accidentally turn off your metadescriptions). SEO grows over time.

Think about the difference between day trading and a mutual fund. A mutual fund is like SEO; once you invest in it, even if you sit back and turn your attention to something else, you’ll still be reaping the rewards down the line. twitter-icon

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